Luxury Twin Room


Double Beds

Room Size

1070 sq ft / 100 sq m


3 adults (2 children)

Bath Room

Shower bath

Price: $200/ Night

Room Description

Sometimes it seems like Dubai is all malls and air-conditioning, but this sprawling desert city has a new and exciting influx of cultural institutions, galleries, and shopping complexes all focused at luring in a new generation of visitors. Whether your idea of an adrenaline rush is jumping out of a plane or watching the city’s dramatic fountains gush 500 feet in the air, almost anything is possible in this city.

Designed to represent a metaphorical connection between the old and new city, Dubai Frame is said to be the largest picture frame in the world. The giant, glistening gold frame stands nearly 500 feet tall and boasts panoramic glass lifts that shuttle guests to the top, where they can walk on a clear glass walkway along the entire 313-foot width. Tickets can be purchased online or at the venue.


  • Air Conditioner Facilities
  • Refrigerator and water
  • Room Side Balcony
  • Fruits are always available
  • 2 Elevator Available
  • Tables and Chairs

Room Services

  • Daily Cleaning
  • Special Swimming Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 2 Elevator Available
  • Room Side Balcony

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